Consumers today are shopping more online. Whether it’s at home, on the go, or anywhere in between or on the go. However, the growth in online shopping is accelerating the decline of brick and mortar stores.

With demand shifting from physical stores to e-commerce, you focusing on fulfilling online orders via warehouses spread throughout different regions, using national and cross-border carriers. However, this leads to increased shipping costs and limits the delivery options you can offer customers in the online checkout.

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Consignor for Retail integrates all your key systems, ensuring they work together to improve data quality, provide a seamless delivery experience to your customers and provide you with a single point of visibility and control.

Consignor for Retail can also help to: 

  • Drive footfall to your stores
  • Improve your customer's shopping experience
  • Evolve your brick and mortar stores.

Consignor for Retail’s cloud-based platform allows you to store, retrieve, track and hand-over customer orders, using sign-on glass technology, while keeping your customers notified in real-time of the status and location of their order.

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