At Consignor, we believe it's all about connecting your warehouse to your customers in the most efficient way!

Handling millions of shipments per year and hosting the largest carrier library in the world, the Consignor platform is helping more than 10,000 global customers choose the best solution for their shipments, regardless of which carrier, ERP, WMS or webshop they are using.

By using Consignor, you can:

  • Have a single integration point for all your key systems
  • Create shipping rules in minutes, with no special IT skills required
  • Provide your customers with personalised and relevant checkout options
  • Reduce inbound customer service ‘WISMO’ calls
  • Transfer shipping data to your carriers automatically
  • Manage carrier availability and performance in real time
  • Track parcels from your own branded self service portal
  • Optimize delivery routes and drop sequence scheduled deliveries


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